Thermoguard offers a wide range of product application to increase the corrosion resistance of HVAC units. The capacity of a heat exchanger originates from the absorption or rejection of heat from the aluminum finned surface.

The coolant travels through the copper tubes transporting the heat throughout the system.When corrosion is present, it deteriorates the finned surface area and/or the bonding between aluminium fins and copper tubes (known as galvanic corrosion); therefore the capacity of the heat exchanger can deterioate substantially.Air conditioning can consume 60% of the electricity bill of an average office building, if coils are not protected from corrosive elements, operating costs will accumulate rapidly.


The FIN GUARD energy conservation system for heat exchangers is based on a special heat conductive coating (technique), achieving a long lasting nominal performance. The coating systems can be applied before assembly of the machine, before installation or even years after installation. The heat exchanging surface of the fin package determines the cooling capacity and consequently energy consumption. Preventing the deterioration of the heat exchanging surface, FIN GUARD coating systems meet the requirements as energy conservation systems.


CASING GUARD is the ideal casing coating for all exposure conditions. Although subject to the harmful forces of the environment, CASING GUARD will provide a comprehensive corrosion protection package to maintain total efficiency of the entire HVAC installation.


FLEX GUARD is applied on metal HVAC&R horizontal surfaces, like drain pans, water collectors and AHU flooring. These corrode easily. THERMOGUARD has developed a product that is resistant against severe exposure conditions and is flexible enough to cope with contraction and expansion in extreme exposure conditions. The base of the equipment is easily attacked by water deposits, collecting all sorts of pollution, acid rain and micro organism. Protecting the base of the casing, FLEX GUARD is developed to ensure a long lifetime and to improve physical appearances and easiness of cleaning. The base is protected and dirt doesnít attach to the smooth surface.


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